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Digital Marketing Catalyst

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course Overview

The SEO Training in Bangalore at Digital Marketing Catalyst is a well-integrated program that aligns with the recent marketing trends in the industry. Do you want to start your career in SEO? The Practical knowledge of SEO is essential to get effective career growth in Digital Marketing Space. The 99% percent of SEO candidates are not having the practical knowledge and they are unable to show their SEO skills. If you are searching for leading SEO training institute near me then you are landing on the perfect page.

With the Career Essential Learning, the Digital Marketing Catalyst is a well-integrated program that aligns with the current advertising tendencies in the industry. In the SEO Training in Bangalore student can learn the On page SEO & Off Page SEO, keywords & Keywords Research, Link building basics , Back link Generation, different SEO Tools, SEO Analytics, advanced SEO techniques, etc.

The Advanced Search Engine Optimization course assist to grow your business and enhanced your career.
Our 10+ years experienced training faculty can teach advanced SEO strategies with ecommerce SEO training. Along with the SEO training course, We Assist student in resume building and Interview Preparation. Digital Marketing Catalyst offered 100 % placement assistance to student.

SEO Training Course: Who is This For?

Search Engine Optimization training is advantageous for anyone who wants to become a master in SEO practices. Particularly for:
• College Students looking for internships.
• Engineering, business graduates.
• Freelancers.
• Job Seekers.
• Entrepreneurs/ business Owners
• Digital Marketers
• Aspiring SEO Experts
• Working People that are looking for a job switch.
• Homemakers looking for Work from home opportunities.

No matter if you are a beginner or looking for advanced on-page SEO tricks or refreshers want to gain more traffic on your website, SEO Training Course Bangalore at Digital Marketing Catalyst is the best place where you can learn everything from basic to advanced.

If you are in any of the above categories then, you can enroll in the appropriate SEO training classes in Bangalore at the Digital Marketing Catalyst.

Pre-requisites For SEO Training at Digital Marketing Catalyst:

There are no Prerequisites as such but, the candidate should have interest, dedication, basic English, and Computer knowledge only. Having the idea about HTML, CSS, and JS is advantageous to Learn SEO course.

Why Digital Marketing Catalyst SEO Training Course:

• Company Oriented SEO training
• Highly Professional Trainers with 10 years market experience
• Reasonable SEO course fee in Bangalore
• Award Winning SEO Course training Material
• Toolkits and templates for practice
• Associate Level Certification
• Job Assistance Program

Course Highlights: What you’ll Learn

• How to do a competitive analysis of a Website
• Keyword Research
• How the Search Engine Works
• Search Algorithms
• How to use SEO tools namely SEMRUSH and MOZ
• Blog and Content Marketing
• How to Rank your Website on the First Page of Search Engine.

Digital Marketing Catalyst SEO Training Course Syllabus:

• Module 1: SEO Overview
1. Domain & Domain extension Details
2. Concept of website, Web server
3. What is Web Hosting and its types?
4. TLD(Top Level Domain)
5. Importance of SEO in the Digital Marketing World
6. Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
7. Benefits of SEO
8. Search Engines working
9. SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
10. Understanding The SERP
11. Types of SEO Techniques
12. White hat SEO & Black hat SEO
13. Google Search Architecture
14. What is SERP and Search Operators
15. Different Search Algorithm and its Updates
16. New search updates and their predictions

• Module 2: WordPress CMS website Creation
1. Advantages WordPress CMS
2. How WordPress Installation takes place on Server
3. Dashboard Editing
4. How to Alter Default Settings
5. How to change the default theme and new theme installation
6. WordPress Content Management
7. How to Create categories, pages, and posts
8. Creating Menu for Website
9. Widgets for Websites
10. Installation of useful plug-in to better website
11. Installation SEO plug-in on WordPress

• Module 3: Google Search Console

1. Search Console Definition
2. Why Website verification is Crucial?
3. How to Set Geo-target location
4. Search Analytics Basics
5. Advanced Search Query analysis for website
6. Making External Links Reports
7. Building Internal Links Report
8. Crawls stats and Errors in Brief
9. Sitemaps Construction
10. Robots.txt file &Links Removal
11. What are HTML Suggestions

• Module 4: Keyword Research and Analysis

1. Keyword Research Overview
2. Advantages of Keyword Research
3. What is the Seed keywords?
4. What is the Long tail keyword?
5. Informational keywords
6. LSI keywords
7. How to obtain LSI keywords
8. Various types of Keywords
9. What is Keyword Research Methodology
10. How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool
11. Advanced Keyword Planning
12. What is the Paid Keyword Tools
13. Keyword generation Tricks
14. How to make Competition Analysis & Competitor Metrics
15. Finalizing the Keywords List for Project
16. Case study (Practical)

• Module 5: On- Page Search Engine Optimization

1. Google website guidelines
2. Fundamental On-page Factors
3. Domain Name Optimization
4. URL Optimization
5. Title Tag Optimization
6. Meta Tags Optimization
7. Optimization of Headings and Footers of Site
8. SEO based Content Writing
9. How to Optimize Anchor tags and Image tags
10. Sitemaps Optimization
11. Robot.txt file importance
12. Techniques for URL Redirecting
13. What are Canonical Links
14. Concept of Rich Snippets (Schema)
15. What is One Box Answer Optimization

• Module 6: Off- Page Search Engine Optimization

1. Link Building Strategies
2. White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO
3. What is Alexa Rank and Domain
4. Authority, Back links Details
5. Basic Do’s & Don’ts In Link Building
6. Link Acquisition Methods
7. Directory Submission in SEO
8. Social Bookmarking Submission Importance
9. What is Search Engine Submissions, Web 2 Submission
10. Concept of Article Submission, Press Release Submission, Forum Submission
11. PPT Submission & PDF Submission
12. What is Classified Submission
13. Business Listing Details
14. Blog Commenting in brief

• Module 7: Local Business Listing
1. Local Business Listing: How to optimize your local search
2. Listings To get New Customers
3. What is Right To Your Business
4. How to create Local Listing on Search Engine
5. Google Places Setup Like Images, Videos, Map Etc.
6. Ranking Your Business Site On First Page Of Google
7. How to Make Free Online Business Profile Page
8. How to get Monthly Basis Search Engine Visibility Reports
9. Verification of Listing and Google Reviews

SEO Course Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is Search Engine Optimization and why it is important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. In short it boost the Website Visibility in terms of Organic Search. Good SEO practices can rank your website to first page of Search engine and increase your brand value. As it improves the Website traffic, business owners can get more opportunities to transfer prospect into clients. SEO skilled professional are in more demand so advanced SEO training is important for the job seekers to gain better job opportunities.

2. Why Digital Marketing Catalyst is Best?

 Theory +Practical Training
 10+ years Experienced Trainers
 SEO project idea for beginners
 Resume and Interview Preparation Support
 100% Placement Assistance
 SEO certification offered (SEMRUSH CERTIFICATE, GOOGLE CERTIFICATIONS, Digital Marketing Catalyst – SEO Course Complete Certificate)

3. How can I enroll in the best SEO training institute in Bangalore with Digital Marketing Catalyst?

Users can Click on Register Now button and fill the form to Enroll for the Course. Users can also visit the Contact Us page and connect us with the Contact Details Provided.

4. Do you offer Group Discount on SEO Training Course?

Yes. You can contract Digital Marketing Catalyst SEO certification training in Bangalore for More Details.

5. What Kind of Certification do you offer after completion of SEO training?

Users can get SEMRUSH Certification, Google Certifications, and Digital Marketing Catalyst – SEO Course Complete Certificate after course completion.
a. SEMRUSH Certification: You can Register for SEO courses and get SEMRUSH Certifications in beginner’s SEO, advanced SEO, content, competitive analysis, link building, keyword research, and many more.
b. Google Analaytics Certifications: Google Analytics for Beginners & Advanced Google Analytics courses are intended to prepare participants to take the exam for Google Analytics IQ (GAIQ) certification.
c. Digital Marketing Catalyst – SEO Course Complete Certificate: Digital Marketing Catalyst Certifications offer a way for you to prove to potential employers, or your current employer, that you have the skills you say you do.

6. Do you provide the Placement Assistance after course completion?

Yes. Digital Marketing Catalyst offer 100% job placement assistance along with resume buildings, interview preparations.

If you want to become a master in SEO then, please register to Learn SEO basics and Courses of Digital Marketing Catalyst. Digital Marketing Catalyst SEO training in Banashankari offers a way for you to prove to potential employers, or your current employer, that you have the skills you say you do. Interested can connect us for free Demo Classes of SEO Training Course.

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